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Welcome to Casa Guardia

We give you everything you need, everything you want,
and everything you're looking for your perfect vacation.

Conveniently located in the hottest tourist spot of the region, Casa Guardia offers its guests an inffinite array of possibilities to create a dream holiday.   The white sand is the perfect setting, whether you want to relax on the beach or take advantage of the facilities to practice water sports.   The climate in the region is unsurpassed - the proof of this is that Panama has rapidly developed into a favorite destination for many. The lush gardens and numerous patio areas in the vicinity of the house provide space to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the region.   If an active holiday, is what you are looking to, Casa Guardia offers many options to choose from, including tours, sports and seasonal events. Just minutes from the Rio Hato airport in Farallon, you will have the opportunity to create memories of countless experiences unparalleled anywhere in the country.
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